Adam Davis is a 17 year old, Brighton-based singer/songwriter.

At 5, he joined a choir. Three years later, he took up piano. Then drums, sax and guitar.

When he was 11, he saw a Busker with a piano on Brighton seafront and asked if he could take over the set for half an hour. He loved it. Within three months, he was busking on a weekly basis in Brighton. During one session, he met two songwriters
and at the age of 13, recorded his first album ‘Shout Out’ with them.

In March 2010, he put his music on a French crowdfunding site, and raised the 100,000 euro recording/promotion target in three months.
In 2011, while doing his GCSE’s, he wrote the songs for his album and in 2012, recorded the tracks in Paris with producer Christophe Battaglia.

Following an artistic disagreement , he parted company with the label, who refunded the investors. Adam has now formed Adam Davis Music to release the album independently.

He is currently inviting his former investors, and anyone who is interested, to invest in the project at - and, of course, take a share of the profit.
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